The "Showcase Site" is an innovative website solution featuring the product range from a single distributor. It is primarily designed to be a multi-purpose promotional sales tool connecting the distributor with the dealer to present their products in the most appealing way. The Showcase can be employed as a medium to take a consumer that wants to purchase your product from your preferred dealer and avoid any distractions from similar or competing lines. The powerful shopping cart effortlessly sends the order to the distributor for drop-shipping or the dealer can elect to fill the order from their store stock.

Showcase Sites are very inexpensive and easy to produce, almost self-produced by the Generator. Dealers may add store information, hours, staff bios, policies, etc. without any programming. Distributors will appreciate how easily the Showcase Website program will build a network. You can use these sites as a promotion, a give-away, offer them at a very low yearly subscription, or as part of an incentive when purchase levels are reached.

Showcase Sites may also be hyperlinked onto a dealer's existing website giving you a store within a store - featuring all your products accurately and effectively displayed.


Showcase Website